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Volume 1-------- October, 2005-------Issue#3

What’s Happening in Fundraising? -

Wart and Griffin have not been learning as much or as quickly as they have in the past, simply because we don’t have enough space or personnel to teach them in the manner that it best for them. There is always something going on in the lab, whether it’s a student building a new toy or Alex trying to run the other birds’ training sessions—the action is non-stop!

Although this activity gives the birds plenty of action to observe, it’s just not the optimal situation for their learning. And it’s showing.

Our most urgent funding need is money to rent more space for the lab, so the birds can’t observe the activities of others during sessions. We also need to hire some new trainers so the birds can have more one-on-one time with humans. All the birds—Alex, Griffin, and Wart—really enjoy that special attention reserved only for them. And we think they deserve all the attention they can get—they try so hard, and they work so hard— just so they can communicate with humans.

Please do what you can to help them further their education. When you contribute, you become part of Dr. Pepperberg’s remarkable work. When you see Alex on television, you’re part of his accomplishments, because you made them possible. Please help make Wart’s and Griffin’s future just as amazing as Alex’s present day feats. It CAN happen—but only with your help.

Snail Mail address:

Contributions to The Alex Foundation can be made on Alex’s website, http://www.alexfoundation.org/, or by sending a check or money order to the address below:

The Alex Foundation
Brandeis University
Department of Psychology, MS-062
Attn: A. Levin415 South StreetWaltham, MA 02454

Some firms offer a corporate-matching program. If you are employed by a company that matches employee donations, your contribution to The Alex Foundation can do twice as much good. All contributions to The Alex Foundation, a non-profit 501c.(3) organization, are tax deductible.

Fundraising Item of the Month:

The Alex Greeting Cards – get ready for the holidays, birthday, or any day with Alex! There’s a card (and a bird) for all seasons! Click here -- Alex Greeting Cards – to check out these great cards!

Parrot Palooza Gets Ready to Rock!

If you’re within driving distance of Burlington, New Jersey, you’ll definitely want to save the date of Saturday, October 22. It’s the day of the second annual Parrot Palooza, sponsored by Bird Paradise, the largest bird superstore on the east coast!

Dr. Irene Pepperberg will host two FREE seminars, along with a book signing. Alex’s signature line items (cups, mugs, bags, etc) will be sold that day as well. All proceeds from these sales will benefit The Alex Foundation.

Another seminar in toy-making is being sponsored by 8 Beaks Toys (http://www.8beaks.com) If you’ve ever been stumped by how to make toys that your bird will really enjoy, this training seminar will help answer your questions.

Along with door prizes, pumpkin carving contests, raffles and a Chinese auction, the entire store inventory will be on sale for that day only. Visit www.birdparadise.biz for further information or call (609) 747-7777 for more details. Free barbeque and refreshments will be served all day long! This event promises to be too good to miss, so stop by for some fun!

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