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Volume 1-------- October, 2005-------Issue#3

What’s Happening in Fundraising

- Be Queen (or King) for a Day!

Would you like to be queen or king of Alex’s lab for one day? Well, becoming honorary royalty is just a donation away if you participate in the newest fundraising campaign of The Alex Foundation.

The need for funds to support Dr. Pepperberg’s research has never been greater. Now that Dr. Pepperberg’s Fellowship at Radcliffe is over and she doesn’t have a regular academic job, the possibility of academic funding no longer exists. The Alex Foundation currently relies solely on private donations.

And what better way to contribute than to support the costs of training and care for one day?

Imagine being able to take Alex out for meal, dropping him by school, and then enjoying his playtime. Regrettably, each King or Queen of the Lab cannot physically experience these activities. The birds’ learning environment limits them to very few visitors, and Alex’s fans might mob him if he ever actually went out to dinner!

But by supporting the lab for one day ($275) or for a half day ($150), you would, in effect, be doing all of those FUN activities! Picture Alex delicately nibbling his broccoli buds, being handfed by one of “his” humans. (He actually demands this type of service!) Visualize Alex and his “professor”--his training sessions are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and he has recently realized the concept of “zero.” Imagine Alex at the end of his day, indulging in some well-deserved playtime.

And all of this would be due to your generous sponsorship. Aside from the immense gratification of supporting these smart birds, contributors will receive a photo from that day’s training session, along with a certificate of appreciation, signed by Dr. Pepperberg and chomped by the true King of the Lab, Alex himself!

Alex and his cohorts have given the world an entirely new meaning to the phrase, “bird brain.” That phase, which once implied a flighty-type of stupidity, now can be construed as an intelligence capable of reasoning abilities equal to that of a four to six year-old child. Our modern day society becomes outraged when a child is denied education and food. Now that we know these extraordinary parrots have the same capabilities of a human child, surely we can help provide them with the same opportunities.

The continuing education of Alex is in your hands—and a mind like his would be a terrible thing to waste.

Contributions to The Alex Foundation can be made on Alex’s website, http://www.alexfoundation.org/, or by sending a check or money order to the address below:

The Alex Foundation
Brandeis University
Department of Psychology, MS-062
Attn: A. Levin
415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02454

Some firms offer a corporate-matching program. If you are employed by a company that matches employee donations, your contribution to The Alex Foundation can do twice as much good. All contributions to The Alex Foundation, a non-profit 501c.(3) organization, are tax deductible.

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